Lummic, the perfect complement for your Fitness training

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Lummic is a light and auditory reaction training system. It helps you improve your fitness exercises and work on reaction capacity, speed development, reflexes, and much more. 

Complements your Fitness workouts 

For those of us who know the world of fitness, we know that your workouts are based on enhancing all the physical capabilities of the body: strength, speed, endurance and flexibility. 

Lummic helps you achieve all this, it is the perfect complement to your crossfit workouts. With Lummic your muscle development and physical power exercises will be more dynamic and creative. 

Among the wide variety of workouts and exercises that you can perform with Lummic, we highlight: challenges in pairs, time competitions, constant challenges, fun, all improving day by day in your workouts. 

Try this exercise: Plancha 2 players competition

With Lummic you can improve something as simple and at the same time as important as the fitness warm-up. The workout is called 'Plancha 2 players competition'.

Two players face each other in a plank position. You place 4 Lummics in a line at a distance of 20 cm from each other. Each player chooses a color while maintaining the plancha stance. The player who touches the Lummic of his color first wins, as the opponent's Lummic disappears until the next sequence. The workout lasts 30 seconds - it's that simple!

What do I work on my body with this workout?

Holding the plank pose in a sustained manner for 30 seconds is already one of the most complete fitness workouts, but if you add to it having to react before the opponent and stretch your arm before the appearance of the Lummic light, the muscle work is much more profitable. 

You will develop the core muscles, abdominals, shoulders, arms, back, chest, buttocks and legs, that is, most of the main muscle areas and useful for many of the most popular sports disciplines, crossfit training and fitness.

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