Revolutionize the way you train: fun, dynamism, motivation. Both for gym and home.


Different workouts

Prepare different workouts. Thanks to Lummic your workouts can be much more dynamic and creative. Either individually or in groups.

Couples challenges, time competitions and constant fun challenges…while you progress and improve day by day.

You can track it trough the App on your mobile to improve in each training.

Buy your Lummics pack and add new devices

1 unit + accessories


  • 1 Lummic,
  • 1 strap for fastening to the body
  • 1 fixing suction cup
  • 1 fixing magnet
  • 1 spike hook (Ø25mm)

4 units pack + accessories


  • 4 Lummics
  • 4 straps for fastening to the body
  • 4 fixing suction cups
  • 4 fixing magnets
  • 4 spike hooks (Ø25mm)
  • 1 transport bag
  • 1 USB charging wire

8 units pack + accessories


  • 8 Lummics
  • 8 straps for fastening to the body
  • 8 fixing suction cups
  • 8 fixing magnets
  • 8 spike hooks (Ø25mm)
  • 2 transport bag
  • 2 USB charging wire


Download the APP for iPhone and Android

More than 40 pre-installed workouts and games to ensure initial training, correct use and understanding of the programs.

100% customizable programs. Possibility of creating your own modules and recorded them.

Analyze your data and increase the level to achieve continuous progress.


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