Reaction Lights

Speed and reaction training for fitness, soccer, basketball or any other activity. But not only sport. LUMMIC IS SO MUCH MORE!



Challenge yourself with Lummic

Lummic is an auditory and light reaction system. It allows the development of speed, reflexes, reaction capacity, elements association, space distribution, memory and a long etcetera…LUMMIC IS FOR EVERYONE!

Lummic is for athletes, children and the elderly. It has endless possibilities and modes that allow you to evolve and improve in the area you select.

Lummic is designed for 4 different audiences and you need the same for any of them: Lummic Pack + Official Lummic App.


Measure your results and progress continuously

Use the App, not only to schedule your workouts and games, but to have complete control of the results and progress that you are taking so far.

Analyze your data and increase the level to achieve continuous progress.

Learn more about the App

App available for Iphone and Android.

Lummic official App is available in English, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese and French.

App mobile Lummic

Buy your LUMMICS pack and add new devices according to your needs.

Lummic 4 Complete Kit

  • 4 straps for fastening to the body
  • 4 fixing suction cups
  • 4 fixing magnets
  • 4 spike hooks (Ø25mm)
  • 1 transport bag
  • 1 USB charging wire

Lummic 6 Pro

  • 6 straps for fastening to the body
  • 6 fixing suction cup
  • 6 fixing magnets
  • 6 spike hooks (Ø25mm)
  • 1 transport bag
  • 1 USB charging wire

Lummic 8 Teams

  • 8 Lummics
  • 8 straps for fastening to the body
  • 8 fixing suction cups
  • 8 fixing magnets
  • 8 Spike hooks (Ø25mm)
  • 1 Transport Bag
  • 1 USB charging wire

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UNLIMITED and FREE access to 100% of the Lummic APP

Download for FREE with UNLIMITED acces the official Lummic app on iOS or Android and perform fitness workouts, sports, games for kids and functional exercises.

UCAM Murcia scores a triple with LUMMIC

UCAM Murcia basketball team has chosen LUMMIC to improve their training. The players have increased their speed, reaction capacity, neuromotor coordination and space distribution.

Lummic, the perfect complement for your Fitness training

Lummic, las luces de reacción que te ayudarán a que tus entrenamientos sean más dinámicos y creativos. Diviértete solo o en grupo en tus entrenamientos fitness con Lummic.

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