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14 Jun 2022 Maitane Hermoso de Mendoza Maitane Hermoso de Mendoza app, app lummic, free lummic app

Did you know that the official Lummic app is totally free? Take your phone right now and give it a try! It is available for iOS and Android. With it, you will be able to enjoy without limit and forever:

  • All the APP original programs.
  • Sports training programs to enhance reaction, space distribution and speed.
  • Programs for more effective, dynamic and motivating fitness exercises.
  • Light and sound games for children to learn and have fun.
  • Functional development and memory exercises for seniors.
  • Create, customize and save your own programs.
  • Result analysis.
  • Up to 15 Lummics connected at the same time.
  • Profile and users management.

How do I connect my Lummic with the APP?

  1. First, download the official Lummic app on your mobile and register.
  2. Take your Lummic and, after making sure they have battery power, turn them 'ON'. 
  3. Activate Bluetooth on your phone and pair it with the Lummic you want to use.
  4. Program the workout or game you want to play and start enjoying!

What kind of training can I do with Lummic

Thanks to the Lummic app, you can enjoy more than 40 types of training and games already installed, adapted to improve speed, reaction capacity, mobility, distribution in space, among other skills. Each of these programs can be applied in sports training, fitness, games for children or mobility or memory development therapies for seniors.

One of the most popular programs is called 'Reaction'. Place 4 or more Lummic on a wall, cone, mirror, goal, door or wherever you prefer. The light will turn on and you will have to try to touch it as fast as you can. The challenge is to make the most touches per minute.
Ejercicio de Reacción Lummic

But you can create, customize and save your own games. There are 9 fully customizable master modules available for you to adapt to your needs. You can even modify and save an existing training or game.

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